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I am waiting for Springfield to return my MC Operator. Been waiting for weeks! No, not complaining, I sent it in for some non-warrranty work and I am just over anticipating its triumphant return. I have a class next week that I am anticipating about 2000 rounds through the pistol in 3 days. It is going to be great, while I hope it gets through the class unscathed, I just can't wait to be it up, ding it, scratch it. This gun is intended to be a shooter and not a safe queen, which means beating it like an internet glock torture test, and grinding away the tight spots until it runs like an ak.

Before I sent it away though, I developed a load for it and now have 2500 rounds waiting for it. Work that i am having done includes changing out the sights for XS Big Dots, serrating the front strap, and adding a two piece mag well. The lag in the delivery was XS giving me the wrong sights, and the . checkering requires the frame to be refinished. Supposedly it will be here Monday, but New Orleans deliveries are never on time.

The gun was a shooter, hope it still is. The load is a deviation from my normal 200 gr LSWC. I like pie plate aiming (balance the traget on the front sight) more than combat sighting (sight on the target). The load is a 225 Gr LRNC with 3.9-4.0 gr of clays behind it. It makes PF at 780-800 FPS and cycles the gun fine. With the original sights, that I cant see inside, It shot perfectly the way I liked it, hopefully it works similarly with the big dots.

Originally, I teseted it with 185 hp, 230 hp, 200 lswc, 225 lrn, 230 ball, everything fed.

Where is it, why isnt it here? :mummy:

I have a new kydex holster for it and a surefire xs-200a that I bought on ebay...

Please come home!
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