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McCormick Mag Problem.. Help!!

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I just got two McCormick Shooting Star 45 ACP stainless magazines..
It works fine in my Mil Spec EXCEPT when I load full 8 rounds..
The first round from the full-8 rounds magazine nose-dive onto the feeding ramp (What you call this in technical term??) when I try to cycle the slide from the battery position tochamber the round in magazine..
With the slide in "OPEN" position and magazine in place, things are fine around 90% of time IF I release the slide by depressing slide release lever..
Everything is 100% fine when I use only 7 rounds in magazine..
It happens to BOTH magazines...
Is it my Mil Spec that's with a problem?? Any thoughts??
Thanks, guys...
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I've seen this complaint before but I use the 8rd McCormick's and they have always functioned flawlessly...I have had problems with the Wilson 47D's though. A lot of rub on insertion and have difficulty on release...not good for tactical reloads during a match!

I really don't know the specifics of your pistol or the McCormick complaint...but, have you tried seating the ammo after the mag is loaded?
Also, some pistols just prefer different mags...my Kimber is a perfect example (mentioned above).

Good Luck!

In my experience, the answer is simple, try another brand of magazine. I'm not trying to be a smarta$$, but I had the same problem with my Champion and Shooting Star mags or McCormick PowerMags. It would cause a nose dive on the first round out of the mag. What's really weird is that I have one PowerMag that works perfectly, go figure.

I switched to Wilson 7 rounders and Springfield factory mags (7 rounders) and not a problem in over 500 rounds with hardball and hollowpoints.

Any day above ground is a good day!!!
Wild guess here . . .

Spring tension in the mag on 8 rds and you're pulling the slide back and releasing. As you release, you're letting the slide move forward, and there's not enough momentum to drive the round up the ramp.

Try inserting the mag with the slide open and then releasing the slide with the slide stop.

Or, pull the slide all the way to the rear and pull your fingers off the slide as it stops to the rear.

As I say, just a shot in the dark.

What part of "shall not be infringed" needs 'splainin' ???
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First of all, usually another mag works, but you have this one. Most people just discard mags that don't function, but they can be massaged to work. I don't claim to be an expert or anything. . .but you may try to adjust it. I saw this done to AR mags in an AR tuning video.

First, with the round sitting in the feed lips, so the lip is touching all along the case, does the bullet nose look like it is pointed to go up the ramp freely? If so, you maybe basically ok. If you push down on the nose does it snap back up smartly or does ot drag up slow? If it snaps up smartly skip to the last paragraph. If you can't see any problem with the body shape or feed lip shape, you may be able to adjust the spring. Disassemble the mag. You should bend it into a slight crescent shape. The outside or long side should be on the nose side of the follower. That will give a bit more nose tension. Now try the nose push down test again.

If there are any problems with the lips or the rest of the mag body, you may want to get a new mag, have a smith tune it or let CMC replace it for you.
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Thanks all for your reply..
I called CMC and they told me that the minimum catridge OAL for their 45 ACP mag is 1.260"..
Ok.. So the mag worked fine with 8 rds of BALL ammo which had OAL longer than 1.260".. But how'bout HP??? Is there ANY HP that's longer than 1.260"????? I think not...
The mag spring tension is fine.. Since it works w/o any problem with just 7 rds (HP ammo) in it, I'll just use the mag with 7 rounds only when I load it up with HP..
Hey, I only paid $12.99 per stainless mag with pad.. So I'll not be bitching about the 7 rds capacity of "supposedly 8 rds" mag..
Happy shooting, guys!!

Your situation is caused by the spring tension of the follower spring and the shape of the follower itself. Your follower is sort of "V" shapped with two fingers. Give the top lea a slight bend up and make sure the lower leaf rides horizontally agains the front of the magazine.

Your solution of only loading seven rounds is also correct. I suggest you search for magazine reliabilty in the magazine folder and read the threads. As seven vs. eight rounds and reliability have been discussed there. Though your situation is one reason why Clint Smith recommends seven round magazines.

I hope this helps.


The best handgun for self defense, is the one you have with you.
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Str8_Shot, I followed your suggestion and now my mags are feeding ball, FP and HP and everything else real smoothly, with full 8 rounds in them..
Thanks Str8_Shot and all others for your great and helpful input!!!

Take care..
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You are welcome. Happy Shooting.


The best handgun for self defense, is the one you have with you.

Your short-term fix of loading only 7 rds in an 8 rd McCormick magazine is what I consider and added bonus. I found in both my old Combat Commander and my new Springfield 1911 that while magazines loaded with 7 rds are more reliable than those loaded with 8, an 8 rd mag loaded with seven seems to be just as reliable as a 7 rd magazine. This permits me to use the same "leave a dead space"policy as I would with a high capacity pistol or rifle magazine, without sacrificing what was originally considered the full amount of ammo the gun was supposed to be able to hold.
A 7 rd magazine, or an 8 rd mag loaded with 7 rds, is also easier on the magazine catch. I started using using 8 rd McCormick mags about three years ago, and about a year later, I had to replace a broken mag catch in my Colt. Almost a year later, I had to replace badly worn replacement mag catch, as well. When there are 8 rds loaded in the standard 1911 magazine body, there isn't enough room for the follower spring to move, and puts excesive strain on the mag catch. Since I started loading the 8 rd mags with 7 rds, I see no sign of excess wear on my 1911s' magazine catches, and all my 1911s feed just fine.

Roger Shambaugh
Ottawa, Kansas
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That's a very valid point, KSLawman!!
Thanks for pointing it out.. I certainly don't want to replace the mag catch every year..
Take care!!
I just recieved 3 McCormick Shooting Star Mags from Brownells. One looked like a Match Grade mag and the other 2 did not. One had large view holes and was numbered the other 2 did not. Also this one had Chip McCromick
stamped on it and the others did not. Long story short.....Brownells said the 2 with small view holes were old style and the other was the new...they checked inventory and called McCormick Corp. and pulled all old style out of warehouse. I'am not a gunsmith but even I could tell the difference
in quality by just looking at them. Could you have old style???? (They all came in the same packaging)
I'm not sure if I got "old" ones or "new" ones..
To the best of my knowledge, the one without numbered holes is marketed as "regular grade" mags while the one with numbered holes is marketed as "match grade"..
What I have is the ones without numbered holes, or regular grade.. And yes, there are "shooting Star" stamped on the bottom of the mag pad and follower.
Did CMC came with new regular grade mags with numbered holes?? That, I'm not sure.. So I can't really tell you whether I got old or new ones..
Let's just say that what I got is probably the same as two of your mags..
Sorry, I couldn't be much helpful here..
I've been pleased overall with Mcormick magazines. My Colt's function just fine with them.
That being said I have also purchased a boat load of Les Baer magazines and have yet to have a problem

I'm starting a new department next week and am torn between qualifying with a Glock or my Colt.
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