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Are the Mecgar mags worth it? And do they have the silly baseplate that you can stick your finger up inside (and that also bites the palm of my hand)? Or do they have a standard flat baseplate?


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While they feed OK there is a flaw. The little "nub" they use as a mag stop will chew up the bottom of your frame. Stick with Wilson or CMC. The Ed Brown mags are Metalforms with a stop welded to the outside.

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With my new Hi-Power, I also purchased two 10 round Mec-Gar mags in 9mmP. They do not have the mousetrap spring like the Browning ones do--more on this aspect in a moment.

The Browning mags (which came with the pistol) work fine. The Mec-Gar mags though do not. They make the trigger pull gritty and sticky. Also, with the Mec-Gar ones only, the slide has locked back with one round left.

I took the Mec-gar mags (with the pistol and original mags) back to the dealer from whom I purchased the pistol to show him my problem. He could not tell any difference in the trigger pull and thought I was nuts. I left the Mec-gar mags there over night so he could call Mec-gar and ask them about it.

Mec-gar said the magazines are the same as the Browning ones except for the mousetrap spring, which Browning only wants on the mags they sell under their name. Otherwise, my mags measure the same as what Mec-Gar says they should.

After this conversation, the dealer refused to refund my money. I swear though the aftermarket mags affect the function of the pistol. Just to be sure, I removed the mousetrap spring from the Browning mags and tested them in my pistol. Without the spring, they do not drop free. In contrast, the aftermarket ones do.

So, there is a difference between the Mec-Gar ones and the Browning ones, although they are made on the same equipment in Italy. The Browning ones fit more tightly. I think this tighter fit engages the magazine disconnect better to make the trigger pull smoother. When the mags are unloaded, the followers on the Browning mags are level while the Mec-Gar ones rest at an upward angle.

Bottom line: I have two 10 round aftermarket mags that do not function properly in my pistol while there is no refund or consideration coming from either the retailer or the manufacturer.

A friend suggested that once I have the pistol and magazines tuned together, all the mags should work properly. We will see.

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I realize this is an old post about Mec-Gar.

However, I just tested 4 Mec-Gar's with my BHP 9mm.

All four mags would lock the slide back with one round left.
I fully loaded all of the mags for 24 hours before my trip to the range. Here's the kicker, my 2 new OEM's do the same thing.

To eliminate shooter error, I had two other people fire the pistol...same result. Whether it was fully loaded with 10 or loaded with 2 rounds the slide will lock back.

One guy at the range today had 2 South African 17 rounders.
He let me try them both. NO problems at all.

Has Mec-Gar recently re-designed their followers?


J Scott

P.S. I know I could just buy the 17 rounders and be done, but I like the base plate to fit flush for carry.
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