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Several of us have purchased this unit recently and have been very satisfied with it's accuracy and function. Mine is in .38 Super. In three shooting sessions with a total of about 200 rounds through the unit there have been no failures to feed or any other malfunction. With a 3 power scope accuracy at 50 yards has been as tight as 1" for 8/9 shots. It is much more accurate than the Ruger Patrol Carbine and Marlin Camp rifles I have shot. Last time at the range the unit was fed 2 magazines of 9x23 Winchester JSP ammo. Feeding was 100% and accuracy was on par with the handloaded Super ammo that had been in use. It did however print about 2" higher at 25 yards than the Super ammo that had the same weight bullet at about 130 fps less velocity. MechTec has just come out with a full length sight rib. It incorperates open sights and a full length Weaver rail and appears that a Scout Scope can be used. X-high or see-thu rings should be used on either the standard base or the full length base however as with the AR15 flat top the top of the stock is even with the top of the reciever and with stanard rings the scope doesn't line up with the eye very well. Bob
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