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metalform 40 magazines

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Has anyone used the metalform mags. for a 40 single stack? Having trouble finding a reliable brand for kimber custom target.
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I'm using one in a single stack, I had to work on the spring before the mag would work. I believe they have or did have some forty mags with a removable base. If I was going to buy another this is what I would want. Also I've had good results using CMC Shooting Star 45 mags in my forty single stack if you have one you might want to try it.
Regards,Bob Hunter.www.huntercustoms.com
Im using metalform 10mm mags on my SS .40 and its working fine. No malfunction yet.
I too use the Metalform 10mm mags. in my .40 Kimber. It feeds OALs from 1.135" to 1.200" without a hitch. The Metalform .45 mags work well also.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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