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MI Pinshoot

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We had a 3-day pinshoot in Berrien Springs, Michigan this last weekend. Got a chance to meet Bob Hunter of Hunter Customs and to re-meet Scott Mullerkin of SDM. Bruce Warren of BC Armory was there too, but he's a regular in this area. Forum member Pat Sweeney was there too (Pat, Bruce and I also shot an ICORE match on Sunday, where Pat took first stock). I already knew Bruce and Pat could shoot (Bruce put me in second at last year's match in the man-on-man), but Bob and Scott are also top-notch handgunners. I had met Scott before at Second Chance but wasn't sure if I was remembering the right face. Bob told me he shot there one year too, I think it was 96, but I did not happen to run into him. Bob is one of those guys who makes you think he will not be fast, talking with that relaxed Missouri drawl.... but he's got a surprise for you when the start signal sounds! We all had a good time and this time it was one of Scott's guys who made me second fiddle in the M-O-M. Well, at least they guy was wearing an SDM shirt. Scott, no fair giving every yay-hoo walkin' into the place a shirt

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Ned and I are waiting for the match results, but even if the times don't reward us, we had fun.

For those who haven't done it, pins are a blast. You will, however, have to do three things:

Pins need power. Load your ammo to a 195 PF, or a bit more. I was there with a 208 PF, and my marginal hits barely weaseled the pins off the tables.

Pins need solid hits. You want to practice the mantra and drill, "one shot, one hit". A solid hit on a pin takes it off, a "C" hit doesn't.

Load lots of ammo. The main attraction of a pin shoot is the opportunity to shoot lots of ammo. At Second Chance we would show up with thousands of rounds of handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo, and shoot most of it. Even at a smaller shoot like Berrien Springs you can easily consume hundreds of rounds.

The ICORE (revolver) match was a blast. I used to shoot PPC (and even did it for several years with a 1911!) so slowing down and shooting 10's and X's is easy.
I'm usually hovering around a 215 PF, Pat, and as you know, lots of guys push it even more. I use the National Bullet copper-coated 215 SWC with 10+ grains of Blue Dot, depending on the lot, for 980 to 1020 FPS. Have tried other powders, HS7, AA#7, VV N350, but I keep coming back to Blue Dot since it gives me speed without the funny bulge at the back of the case (unless it's a Federal case). Have done the same thing over and over with Bullseye-- I always come crawling back to it. Have tried other fast-burners for the lighter and mid-level (IPSC Major) stuff, but Bullseye always brings me back-- it's clean and economical.

Nice shooting with you again. Well, except for the part where you trounce me with a revolver.
Shooting 10 and X's easy?


I would buy the water that Patrick drinks for five bucks a bottle!

Or whatever it is that allows him the shoot fast, never miss, never get jittery nerves, never get blurry vision, never get tired, never get fatigued, never get rattled, etc.
Where and when are the local pin shoots in Southern Michigan? I go to Jackson every month and a pin shoot would be a nice add on. I am a local compeditor only and not up to the big time but I have fun.

Thank you for your help.

Hello Ned
I've been meaning to write a response to your post sooner but I've
been very busy working in the shop and mowing four acres of grass
that is still growing like its spring instead of August. I have
two run and gun matches to go to this month and trying to stay
tuned up to shoot pins in South Connellsville PA the first of
September,answering e-mails and all the other things it takes to
run a business and last but not least enjoying spending time with
five grand kids I think I need to invent a day with more hours in
Anyway it was nice meeting you and Pat Sweeney and all the other
new folks I met at this shoot. Its always good seeing old friends
that I've shot with over the years at different shoots and its
always good to see my good friend Bruce Warren of B C Armory. I
had a good time at the shoot would have liked to have shot a
little better but I guess we all have our days.For all of you who
would like to shoot a pin match this is one you might want to
Well before I sign off I would like to offer my sincere thanks to
the ladies and gentlemen of the Berrien County Sportsman's Club
for putting on the pin shoot and I think you did an excellent job.
Keep the brass flying and the pins moving.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
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Bob, you struck me as the honest type but now ya say you have five grandkids!? No way you are old enough for that!

I doubt I'll make it to Connelsville but prob'ly see you next year at Berrien Springs.
Our club VP, Bob Gerak, is moving heaven and earth (well, at least earth, using power equipment) to get our pin range ready for next year.

Or some kind of pin shoot. We'll also have some falling plate events, on the newly-built 9-pin plate rack. If we can get them to reliably fall to .22lr, there will be some over-heated barrels in the future.

It looks like we can set up tables for Main event and optionals, the plate rack for 9-pin and our rifle rack. Now all we have to do is pick a date.
Hello Ned
I'll be 53 next month so I guess I'm old enough to have grand kids. Its not hard to have five grand kids when your kids have them two at a time.
Pat if possible e-mail me the date you all choose to have your pin match.
Regards, Bob Hunter www.huntercustoms.com
Will do on the pinshoot date. And BanjoBart, the water can be had for a nominal fee. Not only does it improve your shooting, it grows hair and shrinks the waist. As soon as I get FDA approval I'm outta the gunwriting business.
Seems like I missed out on a good time. Wish I could have made it too. But with my Mrs. 8 months PG, I think next year might be in the calender, as I will be saving for diapers and formula for a little while. Hope everyone had a GREAT time. Boy I love shooting PINS, Hope to see you all next year.....ROFI
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