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Finally got to take out my new (to me) mil-spec operator out. Due to the rain and cold I only got to put a 100 rds though it. I had a couple of FTF, with some mags, my wilsons fed fine though. The issue was I first set up at 25, and I was really low, so I pulled the target back to 1O and I was 2-3 inches low at this range. I was using a 100yd rifle sight in target so by sighting at the 2nd ring from the bull(high) I was able to hit center. Now this gun was not new when I got it and had had some parts replaced. Most notably the bushing and recoil spring cap were now Brown products, but it seems the barrel is the orginal SA barrel. Also the sights are orginal. Question, I am planning on having the sights replaced anyway with nights sights, should I just go with an adjustable to fix the low POI issue or try to get a lower front on a new set of night sites. The gun feels nice, the extra weight from the rail keeps the muzzle down pretty well.

this gun seems to be a keeper if I can fix the POI issue.

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