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Mil Spec-Same post in Range Report

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I posted this in "range report" and decided to post here in case any of the Springfield shooters might have an answer.

My apologies if this is unnecessary or against the rules.

Went to local indoor range off of Davis Street in San Leandro, CA. I brought with me my just acquired SA Mil Spec and 300 rounds of Wolf Ammo and a bottle of Breakfree. The SA Mil Spec came with one magazine and in my haste I forgot to bring extra mags.

I haven't shot handgun in awhile. I've been shooting tactical shotgun and trap lately. I forgot how to shoot a handgun! I was concentrating on the target, not the front sights and slapping the trigger instead of squeezing it. It took me awhile to figure what the heck I was doing wrong. I have a Colt 1991-A1 and I am also used to the longer trigger on that gun verses the shorter trigger on the Mil Spec.

1st hiccup - On the second mag/reload about the third shot, the Mil Spec tried to load 2 rounds I never had that happen to me before and how the heck can that happen? Its a single stack mag?

2nd hiccup - Somewhere between 200 and 250 rounds, after the sixth shot the slide locked back and the last round was sitting on top of the magazine, like it just popped straight up out of there

OK, so I'm thinking I have a mag problem. I have had mag problems before with my Colt 1991-A1 and have not had any more problems since switching to Wilson mags. My next break-in session I'll bring the Wilson mags and try them out.

After repositioning my finger on the trigger, using the pad and not the joint the amount of trigger pressure felt more consistent.

Over all I really like my new toy!
I can't wait to pick up some more ammo and go for another break-in session.