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Milling Colt "Enhanced" Cocking Serrations

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I was wondering if anyone here can identify which end mill or other cutting bit to use to cut the cocking serrations in the Colt "Enhanced" style. The forward slant which were found on the Enhanced Delta Elites. They appear to be spaced apart with the bottom of the serration flat vs the angled cut and consecutive orientation of the original series 70 serrations.

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I don't own a Colt with the enhanced style serrations, so if you could check for me that would be cool. I tried to convince my wife that I need to buy an enhanced Delta Elite so I can take measurements but she knows how helpful the gun community is :D I'm building a SS Commander 10mm that I want to resemble the Delta Elite look.

My mill is coming in a week and a half so I'm trying to get all of the tooling I need ordered so I can start cranking away.



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I use .095" spacing.
The top of the ribs are sunk in .010" beneath flush, and the
slots are cut .025" deep from that plane.
I'll first use the 1/16" endmill to make a shallow cut for the first
and last slot, then using a larger endmill cut the recess.
Back to the 1/16" and mill .012" deep for two cuts.
Then a final pass at .025" and move .0015" both right and left
to produce a nice surface finish.
I use a Kool-Mist spray and 2200 rpm.
I use a new end for each panel.
I hope this helps!

Edited to add:
The slots finish at .065" wide, the ribs at .030" wide.
Angled at 17 degrees from the bottom of the slide.
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