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Milt Sparks Improved 1AT holster

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Just wanted to share my new Milt Sparks 1AT (Improved) that I received from Tony Kanaley. I ordered back in early September and the UPS man brought the white box from the Sparks shop this afternoon. I've used the original 1AT similar to the one made famous by Ross Seyfried when he won the IPSC World Championship in the early days of practical competition when people actually used real guns and real holsters. The original 1AT was heavier and bulky, although suitable for range and competition use, was a bit of a stretch trying to conceal, and mine has seen better days. Fast forward to a year and a half ago when Tony redesigned the 1AT to be lighter and slimmer and therefore more concealable than the original. I quickly ordered one in straight drop version and found that the holster was much sleeker and faster than the original. It became one of my favorite holster to use in classes, IDPA matches and concealed carry. But I found that if the holster had a slight cant, it would be much more comfortable while seated in the car and would hide the 1911 grip frame better also. Tony came through with my request of making the rig with a 10 degree forward cant. I've only had this holster less than 5 hours, I wore it home from work and with the adjustable welt, there is no need to "break in" or "stretch" this leather to fit the pistol. I really like this rig and can't wait to get to the range later in the week to give it a good work out.
Thanks again Tony.
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It really is a nice looking holster. I think I am going to have to put some parental control on my computer at home so that I can't look up holster makers. I see far too many that I want.
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