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Milt Sparks Service

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I called Milt Sparks Holsters yesterday to inquire about purhcasing an IWB holster for my Glock 22. I was able to speak with Scott (I believe). I was not initially going to order right away, I just had some questions I needed answered. I had spoken to a person at another of the "big name" shops (none that post on this forum, at least not that I have seen) that is very pricy, and the "help," if you can call it that, was less than exemplary. I was a bit turned off, and then thought I should at least call Sparks and see what they had to say. Scott was so helpful, courteous and, above all, honest with me, that I ordered a holster on the spot, and then added a belt for my wife! MSH didn't try to sell me up to a holster I didn't need, or make me spend extra money that this LEO doesn't really have extra to waste right now! They were just honest to get me the holster that was right for me, and were able to answer all the questions that I had about it. They have a customer here for good, if they keep this up. Sure, there are some that are a little bit cheaper, but customer service as I've experienced so far keeps me coming back, no doubt about it.

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Your experience with Milt Sparks is the same as mine. Top notch guys. Every time I go up to Boise, I try to stop by and say hello. Usually end up ordering something also...

AF Shooting Team
I have bought from Milt Sparks for almost ten years and have always been treated well!
I'm in the tail end of my quoted delivery time & I feel like a kid waiting those last few days before Christmas

Always nice to hear good things about a company you've chosen to do business with.

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I'm at the end too and I know how you feel. All good things come to those who wait!
Excellent and personal service is one of the hallmarks of the Sparks operation. It was so with Milt at the helm and that hasn't changed a bit on Tony Kanaley's watch.

They do it right!

woo57 and everyone else,
I printed this page and passed it onto Scott and crew. Thanks for the kind words concerning our customer service and most of all, thanks for your confidence in placing your orders with us.


Milt Sparks Holsters, Inc.
[email protected]
Second Best is not an option
Glad you found them. I've been quite pleased with my Sparks holster and the service they provided.
Thanks for this post, Woo57. I just got off the phone with Scott. As a direct result of this thread, I called and ordered the Versa-Max II.

You were right, the service department and Scott deserve a great big THANK YOU. He really helped me decide. Now for the long wait......(sigh).

With this kind of service, I'll be continuing to place orders as I find more that I need. Well, at least I tell my wife I *need* them

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I agree woo. I called about my order this morning and Scott pulled up my order, gave me the ship date, a UPS tracking number and was even able to answer a few questions I had about the holster itself. I kept him on the phone a bit longer than I'd intended but he took it all in stride. He's quite a guy!

My order's in transit now, but based on this morning's experience I'll be a Milt Sparks customer for a long time to come. A PMK for my mdl. 66 might be on the horizon soon as well as a VM II for my Springfield just for kicks!

Great customer service is just as important as having a great product line & these guys know it.


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I'm sold on Sparks service and product. Tony's team was very helpful for me in making a couple of selections after I got my CCW. I have the VMII for two guns, the 55BN, a pocket holster for a mouse gun, and the CCAT, as well as a couple of belts. All are first rate. The only hard part in dealing with Sparks is the wait.

Alessi is good too. The DOJ from Heinie and ACP from Burns are well done.
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