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Seems as to some disagreement on the cast and mim parts usage.

First, let ME apologize. I didn't mean to critisize. Colt parts work. My concern and what I've seen via my own classes is excessive wear on some of those parts and some failures.
Additionally, I didn't understand that mim was "plasticized metal injection molding" and different from castings. My understanding being that castings are more porous. Does it therefore figure that cast parts would not make good disconnectors, sears, etc., because of that porousity?
Does MIM get around that porousity issue? Castings, therefore, should be OK for frames because of the mass of the metal? I'm not an engineer here folks. Just an old Combat Engineer/Marine.
My personal carry gun is a Stainless Colt Commander that has some custom work. My intiention is to replace all the internals with high grade parts, have a trigger job done, and I'll be in good stead. Since this will probably be my carry gun for the rest of my life I want to make sure it will be as reliable and long lasting as possible.
In my 42 years around the 1911 family I've seen it all. Overall, my impression is that it is a worthy competition and carry piece. I know mine is...
Sorry to get all you folk in an uproar

Wes Howe
Willamette Small Arms Academy
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