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Mim parts replacement

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I have a new TRP that I will be carrying on duty. I intend on replacing the ejector, extractor, slide release etc. with Custom(Wilson Combat bulletproof) parts. Should I wait untill something breaks or just do it now? I plan on geting back to my normal training as far as 50 rounds a minimum per week. Thanks!

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PM 7,
If your gun is functioning properly, Why change anything? MIM parts have gotten a bad rap but you rarely hear of a broken part. I personally would wait and replace them as they wear out.

I have a TRP I carry and it eats everything from my IPSC reloads, target wadcutters and everything else. I would leave it alone till you have a problem or wear something out.
Just buy the parts your thinking about replacing and keep them in your bag. Shoot the gun and if something does break you got it. If your carrying the gun for protection, I would replace all MIM parts.
The TRP Pro model is basically the pistol adopt by the FBI for Hard Use. The Standard TRP is loosely based on that same pistol.

It is possible that the parts you mention in the TRP are not the same as those in the Pro model, but I would be guessing that they are probably pretty durable, and not likely to fail.

As someone else posted, MIM parts have taken a bad rap in the last few years, but the reality is that the MIM parts have proven quite durable. Sure, some have failed. Often, it's been do to poor Quality Control, and not so much the process of Metal Injection Molding.

I'd be comfortable with keeping the MIM parts for now, and inspecting the the parts regularly during detailed cleanings for signs of wear, or failure, but I don't see a need to replace everything just for the sake of doing so...

If you ARE that concerned about MIM parts, then you may also want to add a Hammer, Sear, and Disconnector to your list, along with a Barrel Link & Bushing, and Thumb Safety, since those parts tend to be MIM parts as well...

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If it ain't broke, don't fix it. These parts rarely break. Also,why would anyone think they would? You should be good for about 50,000 rounds. Duty guns get full of dust and never get shot out. I used to qualify 4 times a year( 500 rounds). I could do that for 100 years and still have a pretty good shooter. Try it with your duty ammo (100 Minimum) and carry it and worry about the batteries in your flashlight! MIM parts are really hard!
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