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mini 14 mag

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Is there anyway to tell if this mag I got for a mini 14 is any good? there is no identification on it so I don't know what brand it is? And I don't have a gun to test it in.
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Other than obvious cosmetic condition, it may be a little hard. You mentioned in another post that the mag fit a Mini-14 at a gunshop. Did the bolt lock back with the unloaded mag seated?

In my experience, Mini-14 mags are more finicky than 1911 mags. It seems that the port side feed lip on most aftermarket mags has to be slightly bent upwards in order for the bolt to stay locked back.

I am assuming that the follower and mag body are in good shape. There is really no way to evaluate this mag until you gain access to a Mini-14.

good shootin', gunny
Who makes good 10-rounders for Mini-14s?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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