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Mink Oil ?

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Came across a left handed Alessi shoulder holster with pull through retention snap for 50 bucks (used) at the local gun shop.
I figured I did well, no wait, no tax, and fits my Kimber perfect.

My question? I would like to treat it with respect but don't want to shell out 8 bucks plus shipping for "glyde Hide". Found some old Mink Oil in the closet and slaped it on, got rid of any squeaks and now I'm sure it's sweat proof. Any problems with this?

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Shouldn't be any problems, as long as the mink oil doesn't soften the leather. Coditioning it is one thing, but you don't want to use something that will soften the leather so it doesn't retain its shape.

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Buckster, I don't advise people to ever use mink oil on any molded holster, but if the holster didn't soften up then I would guess it's ok. If you ever need to have the snaps, or anything else repaired on that rig, just ship it back to us. Snap replacement would be no charge.

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You'll never know it's there, until you need it.
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