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Mods for a Lightweight Commander XSE

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Well, my deal on a Lightweight Commander XS fell through, darn it!

So, I got a pretty good price on a Lightweight Commander XSE and jumped on it. It will be my carry piece.

I'll get a trigger job at a crisp four pounds. But I wanted to hear from you guys what other improvements you would make to this piece.

My philosophy is to do it right one time, then forget about further upgrades. Budget isn't as big a concern as having an outstanding carry piece.

Give me your sage advice, please

Thanks for your help.

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Once the trigger work has been done, it's all a matter of personal preference. You really don't NEED any additional work done to a firearm that is otherwise reliable and shoots well.

Buy it, get the trigger work done, then shoot a couple thousand rounds through it. Then, if something about it bugs you get it fixed or upgraded.

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E, I second what dsk has just mentioned. I have the same LW and didn't do a single thing to it so far. Right outta the box and it shoots brilliantly. Only mod I'm looking into will be to replace the sights. Just can't decide on which right now 'cos I plan to use this as both carry and IDPA (until I get a better feel for what I want). As far as the trigger is concern, I'm actually pretty happy with mine. A smithy took a look at the LW, had a go at it and he felt the trigger was just a tad over 4. Oh, I had a Shok-Buff put in but I took it out after the first 300 rounds. Shoots fine just the way it is.

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If it were mine, I would get rid of all the plastic. They don't put plastic parts in a gun for any other reason than to save/make more money for themselves. You are paying the price of an all metal gun, but you get a lot of plastic now days. If I want a plastic gun I'll buy a Glock. The only plastic I want associated with my Colt is the plastic credit card I use to buy it with!

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Myself, I'd get a drop in King's grip safety, but even that is personal preference.

I've actually developed a liking for the regular manual safety, so haven't changed that out on my newer ones (got King's ambi's on my Defender)

I also prefer different wood grips, but that's subjective.
1. Night Sights
2. Long Wilson trigger
3. Checkered stainless mainspring housing
4. Double diamond checkered ebony grips
5. Plenty of Wilson magazines


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Put a steel checkered mainspring housing on mine, but the darn thing is so good to look at that I can't bring myself around to changing anything else. Plus, it's accurate and reliable, so why bother?
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