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More Colts from JLD?

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Anyone know offhand if JLD Enterprises has more Hartford Colts in stock? I know I can just call them, but, I'm here, just thought I'd ask. I'm very fond of the one I have and would like to get another. I think they're a great deal at $395. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Neat guns, aren't they? I'd get another, but I really think I need to control myself.

Call them up. They sell out too fast for anyone here to really know.
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Thanks, dsk. I'll give them a call and post the news from Marcelo.

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A note from Marcelo the other day said that there are no Hartfords yet. They do have a new shipment of SESTIMAs though.
Received this e-mail on 5/17:
Dear Sir,

We have just received a new Shipment of; Sistema Colt Pistols, Ballester Molina and Star Model "P" in .45 caliber.

1)Sistema Colt Pistol, Arsenal refinished, matching numbers, V/G bores $299.00 + $12.00 S&H.

2)Ballester Molina Pistol,Arsenal refinished, matching numbers, V/G bores $239.00 + $12.00 S&H

3) Star Pistol,Arsenal refinished, matching numbers, V/G bores $275.00 + $12.00 S&H

Please note that at this moment we do not know as when the Hartford colts pistols will become available.

For further enquires please contact Marcelo at (860) 676-1776

Thank you
J.L.D. Enterprises, Inc.
I was all ready to flex my C&R muscle but when I called them they were out of the Colts. I kinda wish they would update their web page to reflect that they are out of stock. I'm still planning to get me a simple 1991A1 as my first 1911 at the next gun show.

I emailed Cruffler about the subject and here is their response:

Are there anymore Hartford Colts or Grade 1 Argentina Colts available?

Yes to both.
Adam C. Firestone
CRUFFLER.COM http://www.cruffler.com/

Did you e-mail [email protected]? Or a different e-mail address?

I've been debating between a new Colt 1991A1 or a Springfield 1911A1. This just might allow be to get a new SA and a used Colt

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I just got a reply from Adam Firestone at Cruffler:

Just checked.

There are no Hartfords now, but there are some expected within the next 60 days.


Oh well, keep our fingers crossed.

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