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More pics..........

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More at:

Chuck Rogers
Rogers Precision

Pick any two.

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Nice pics, really. While I would pass on the space gun, the Commando did catch my eye. I especially appreciate the very subdued use of engraving; I really dislike extensive covering but this limited application is very tasteful.

Who does your refinishing? Did they do the polish, or did you? Is the slide finish simply bluing over a high polish?

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Hello Gentlemen,
I think many people don’t know what’s involved in building pistols of this quality, especially one like the comp gun in the top photo. If you take a close look you’ll notice the comp is unique to his shop, you can’t buy one from Brownells. Each one is made to order to fit a specific pistol and engineered to the cartridge. The comp probably started life as a piece of 303 stainless steel 3 inches in diameter and everything cut away that doesn’t look like a comp. I had the opportunity to handle one of his comp guns in the white before it was test fired to do the metal checkering. The fit & finish of the extensive machine work was absolutely superb. Chuck, keep-up the good work, MetalSmith
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