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More pictures on magwells and square trigger guards

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I'll let Metal Smith explain the pictures

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First: photo is a frame cut for a Ed Brown type solder on mag-well before being soldered, notice the rear web is cut-out between mag-chute and mainspring housing.

Second: is a squared trigger guard, welded on and extented. The frame is high-cut and in the white (unfinished).

Thrid: is an example of the grip, notice it allows the weak hand trigger finger to be held tight under the trigger guard, (I like the extended squared trigger guard because my weak hand trigger finger will slip in front of the trigger guard during rapid fire in about 4 shots)

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Extremely clean work...as expected

Good photos as well.

Thanks, Matt.
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Just remember, those frames are no where near finished. They're still in the 'rough'.
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