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Most accurate .45 ACP powder?

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I shoot USPSA (IPSC) and though the 50 yard targets are becoming rare, I'd like to know that the powder I use in my .45 ACP reloads will make those loads as accurate as reasonably possible in case a 50 yard stage pops up. (accuracy is like money: you can never have too much).

Bullet I use is a Zero brand, 230 grain RN FMJ. I use Federal Large Pistol Primers. 1.260" OAL.

Candidates include:

Vihta Vouri N-310
regular Clays from Hodgdon
Winchester 231 or HP 38
Solo 1000 (if there is safe data out there. I use it for skeet).
Accurate No. 2 improved
Red Dot

What others should this list include? Which powder, in your experience, will yeild the best accuracy?

Best regards,

D.C. Johnson
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AA#5 has always been a strong performer for me.
I have always been a big fan of winchester powders.

ww231 and winchester automatic pistol are both accurate and clean burning.

Unfortunately WAP is no longer being made but can usually still be found....
Those are ALL good candidates (although a couple are sootier than others). You might want to add WST, American Select and a couple of others to the list. But no one is universally "best" - depends on what your particular gun likes.

In that search, start with BE, V310 and Clays - and very careful attention to the load construction....crimp, OAL, consistent bullet bases and weights, etc. One of those and a chrono will probably get you there.
bigun said:
AA#5 has always been a strong performer for me.
A big +1.

Look for 50 yard hardball loading data. The goal is 2 inch 50 yard groups. The load is supposed to recreate factory hardball, so it should also make your power factor.

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I'm using IMR's Hi Skor 700-X for my Bullseye loads under Rainier 200Gr. SWC's, the jury is still out on wether it's the most accurate, but so far, so good.

I've found in other loads that 700-X is very close in performance to Bullseye. I also use SR-7625 which is very close in performance to Unique. As far as any of them being "dirty" powders, to me all smokeless gun powder leaves it's fair share of soot behind, and I never really concern myself with the "dirty" factor since I'm particularly ainal about cleaning my guns after every range session, I'm more concerned with how they meter from my powder drop, and if the stuff goes "bang" every time......:D
Over time I have went from brief flings with Bullseye and Unique, to a long romance with 231, a quickie with Universal Clays, and now to solid relationship with Titegroup. The loads I use are accurate as all get out for my platforms. I shoot 200gr LSWC with Fed 150's for the 625's. I shoot 230gr FMJ with Fed 150's for the USP's.
Both loads are great performers. One ragged hole at 50ft. I have one qualm with TG it seems to scorch the case. No big deal, but it is economical, and meters well in the Dillon powder measure.
To be frank...the guy holding the gun.
In order:
Power Pistol (loaded hot is more accurate and the hotter the cleaner)
WAP (Ramshot Silhouette is the same as WAP, but the co. reps won't say so)

Where do you find this Ramshot Silhouette powder??

My sources of WAP is drying up....

I just shot 100 rounds of 10mm reloads monday using wap and was amazed how clean the inside of the cases were.

I was also pleased with the accuracy of these re-loads.

I also shot 50 rounds of federal factory ammo and those cases were very blackened inside(so was my pistol).:barf:
I have been running Winchester Super Target 7 WSF, in my 45ACP and my 10MM. Had good luck with both.
Ive had excellent results using Rainers plated 200SWC and titegroup. Id post my pet load but I dont know if its a no no. so IM me if you like.
Go to the powder page and click on "locate a dealer"
I had a long time steel silhoutte shooter turn me on to AA#5 and it works well for me. Just now getting into IPSC and as usual I find my gun more accurate than I am. :)
W231, it flows smooth and it lasts many rds.cheap too.
Why use a 230g RN FMJ? You'll get more mileage out of your pistol if you used lead. I load a 200g lead SWC with 5.3g of W231. Currently I'm using Laser Cast bullets, because they load easy (not sticky) and are accurate out of my 45's. YMMV

Just my 45¢
Gosh, is Unique out of favor? I've been using it for over 30 years for .45, and it's always treated me right... I see no need to change! :p

Call me a creature of habit but I use VW 320 in all my loads, 45,40 and 9. I have been more than pleased with the consistancy, clean burning, and the crono numbers are alot closer than with other powders. The down side is its more expensive than alot of the other powders out there.
superior accuracy; no apparent (nor intended) order:


Nitro 100 (absolute 'softest' recoil)




Power Pistol

and, of course (still the MOST accurate in my non-Ransom'ed loads) Bullseye
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