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Most accurate .45 ACP powder?

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I shoot USPSA (IPSC) and though the 50 yard targets are becoming rare, I'd like to know that the powder I use in my .45 ACP reloads will make those loads as accurate as reasonably possible in case a 50 yard stage pops up. (accuracy is like money: you can never have too much).

Bullet I use is a Zero brand, 230 grain RN FMJ. I use Federal Large Pistol Primers. 1.260" OAL.

Candidates include:

Vihta Vouri N-310
regular Clays from Hodgdon
Winchester 231 or HP 38
Solo 1000 (if there is safe data out there. I use it for skeet).
Accurate No. 2 improved
Red Dot

What others should this list include? Which powder, in your experience, will yeild the best accuracy?

Best regards,

D.C. Johnson
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Yes, winky, you gotta try different things with different pistols. That's the fun part of it.

Where do you get your surplus AA? Thanks.
I get excellent accuracy results with 700X behind 200 gr. SWCs. For me, it has one big advantage over a lot of the other powders mentioned: the right charge takes up more room in the case, which makes it easier to spot a double-charge.
As I can use sometimes a big, heavy pressure gun, I can run some accuracy tests. I've seen that you can get accurate reloads with a lot of different powders. As I've wrote many times, I like VV N310 for its cleanliness and low recoil.
Bests, Maxm
I would like to try N310. Does anyone have a suggested target load for a 200gr LSWC or a Nosler 185 JHP?
N310 load.

Marine Corps Pistol team load.

VV N310 4.2gr
Nosler 185gr. JHP
Winchester match case trim to .892 (subsitute Federal or Speer)
Standard Lg Pistol primer (CCI,Federal)
OAL to 1.20"

Works great for me.
Thanks, I have all of those components. I will give it a try.
I'm back

45 ACP = W231

(I burn mass quantities of Universal Clays in 357 Mag, 41 Mag, 44 Mag, and 45 Colt; I use WAP --still have cases-- for 9x19; 40 S&W loads are most often made using Power Pistol. Safe, reliable, accurate, in that order. And when I mention 'reliable', that criteria also includes the proven ability to fire many hundreds of rds between cleanings.)
Win 231

I started reloading 231 a few years ago but found it to be dirty loading major loads with 200gr Rainier CMJ and also very inconsistent at the chrono depending on temperature and pressure. My results were similar in 40sw. I switched to VV 340 for 40 and 320 for 45. I have to admit that 45acp VV320 with Rainiers 200gr CMJ bullets was very accurate say 2-3" at 50 yds and very economical when I lived close to the factory. I've just finished shooting a lb of VV310 and like the lower recoil and less powder use though today I suffered my first squib EVER( 10 yrs of reloading) as the 4.1 gr of VV310 only takes up 1/3 of the case and is hard to see even with an LED light overhead. I may choose to go back to 320 for both 40 and 45.
I also use W231 because it is easier to find and cheaper than Alliant,so VV310
and all other powders mentioned I have never seen around here,I use to use
Unique and Bullseye alot, but none around me and they up the price $3.00
over W231, plus ball powder works better in my Uni-Flow.
year old
in my gun

I fired over 7,000 rds loaded with (mostly) W231 without a detail-strip.

Then, finally, I noticed sluggish action and a few jams (up until then nonexistent), so I stripped-n-cleaned.

My most accurate powder is one I never would have suspected. Herco. Using 200 LSWC, it beats my previous favorite of 231 by a noticeable amount.
For pure accuracy, either VV310 or Titegroup. However the old guy that wins all the bullesye matches around here swears by Bullseye.

Following the lead of our esteemed correspondent from the frozen wastes of Canada(Robertbank), the hand/s holding the gun and the thing between hand and eye are probably more important that what you stuff in your cases.

WST and Clays ain't shabby either.
Prefer Titegroup but have also been pleased with performance of HS-6
My favorite is 231. Results have been so good that I don't have the resources to test a competing powder; I would need a Ransome Rest, or a much better shooter than myself. The point is moot, as far as I'm concerned. 231 is too cheap and meters too well to replace.
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