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Move the sights or is it me...

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Background-former Glock 30 guy, switched to 1911's last year. AKA, went from near to the finger joint to the finger pad.
I'm right-handed, but left eye dominant.

7 yards-SA Ronin .45 on the left and Ruger CMD .45 on the right. Started at the top targets, alternating 5 shot strings, and worked my way down.

Since they're both shooting left, I'm wondering if it's me.

Moved out to 15 yards. The Ronin hits are marked, the rest are from the Ruger.
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Is it time to buy a sight pusher?
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Great thread. Things every handgunner will go through.

Shoot 5 shot groups at 25 yards to open them up. CALL EACH SHOT. It helps you see the results of each shot.
For now, ignore the location as long as you are on the paper. Most often, as groups tighten they will gravitate to the center.

When groups are nice and round and tight - open them up again by shooting at 50 yards. It helps your brain put it all together and improve. Your brain will do an amazing amount as long as you do the fundementals.

The US Shooting team all came down with the flu. They had to compete. Results? They shot some of their best scores. When we know we are impaired we have the tendency to focus on the fundamentals. Exactly what we are supposed to be doing all along. Don't lose sight of that.
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SA ronin 9mm.1st shot then a box of 50 and some hp stuff.Im not Clint eastwood but i used and used my mantis x to see my errors .It goes on the rsil sync with your tablet(app for manyis x) and or a phone.I use my tablet for the bigger screen .I shot at 7 yards.I shot similar with my 45s and 10mm.
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