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MS VMII Any Advice on Tucking

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For "regular" IWB the VMII has been great - very discreet with a covering garment(Domke Vest).

For Summer I'm forgetting the vest and trying the tuck clips. The problem is that even with a very generously cut shirt (Ex Officio Travel Shirt) blousing over my belt I still appear to have a huge bulge on my hip.

Any advice on how to better conceal an Officer's Model while allowing light to moderate outdoor activity would be greatly appreciated.


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Buzz, I have seen this. Heck I have drawn and had the whole rig come out with me. In a MATCH! God was I embarrassed. lol

What turned out to be the problem was not the holster but the pants. The clip seems to be designed to hook over a small lip in the waistband of the slacks. The walking pants from Cableas I had did not have enough lip to hold the clips. With jeans and all my other pants, the clips work fine when they can hook to the wasteband.

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