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MS VMII Any Advice on Tucking

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For "regular" IWB the VMII has been great - very discreet with a covering garment(Domke Vest).

For Summer I'm forgetting the vest and trying the tuck clips. The problem is that even with a very generously cut shirt (Ex Officio Travel Shirt) blousing over my belt I still appear to have a huge bulge on my hip.

Any advice on how to better conceal an Officer's Model while allowing light to moderate outdoor activity would be greatly appreciated.


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You might start by placing the rig a little further back.

I originally developed the VM-2 for tuckable use with my Officers model and I found that it worked best for me if the gun was just far enough back, that when viewed from the front there was little or no bulge to be seen. On me that would put the front clip right about where the pelvic bone juts out.

The wide spacing of the clips helps straighten out the bend the belt must take when strung over top of the holster and does help give a more natural appearance of the belt. But there will be a bulge, slight or large depending on the make of the gun and there is no getting around that. We can only attempt to camouflage that bulge and that can be difficult to do when the bulge is right out there for everyone to see. The best way is to place the holster in a position that the bulge of the gun is minimized and blends in to the contour of the body and for most people that would be just slightly behind the hip.

Everyone is a bit different and I find that when I'm tucking the gun, jeans seem to hide the bulge a bit better than when I'm wearing dockers.

Personally, I much prefer wearing something like a banded bottom polo shirt, or shirt that is meant to be worn untucked to cover the VM-2 as opposed to tucking my shirt over top of it.

I have always tried to market the VM-2, first as a conventional IWB with the tuckable option being somewhat of a bonus. Unfortunately not everyone will be able to make the tuckable mode work to their satisfaction.

Hope that helped.


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