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MS VMII Any Advice on Tucking

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For "regular" IWB the VMII has been great - very discreet with a covering garment(Domke Vest).

For Summer I'm forgetting the vest and trying the tuck clips. The problem is that even with a very generously cut shirt (Ex Officio Travel Shirt) blousing over my belt I still appear to have a huge bulge on my hip.

Any advice on how to better conceal an Officer's Model while allowing light to moderate outdoor activity would be greatly appreciated.


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It just happened that the UPS man brought my VM2 (black horsehide) 10 minutes ago. I bought it through Allan Yoast. (Thanks Allan). It is my third IWB from Sparks (Summer Special, Exec. Companion were the first two). It's very comfortable and more stable that the previous two designs. I plan to only use it as a conventional IWB. I think I'm gonna really like this leather. Thanks Tony.
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