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I recently won a VMII commander size holster on ebay & i
also won in a separate auction the kydex clips for the holster.
Yesterday the clips arrived & I put them on; I tried on the
holster & got it to tuck pretty esaily, but I couldn't get my
belts to thread through the space formed by the outer clip.
Am I doing something wrong??; I tried with several different
belts, including my new Comp-tac taper belt, which is a
fairly thick & heavy belt.
I looked at MS website this morning for the clips to see if
maybe I got an older version, but no pictures there.
I really do like the holster & I'll probably figure it out whats
wrong; just hope I don't have to do a little "hacksaw surgery"
on the clips to make them work right for me.
Any advice or comments welcomed.

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Taken off our website...
Milt Sparks Holsters website... said:
"The optional, dual Kydex clips provide a pocket for your tucked in shirt and are designed to attach directly to the waistband of your trousers. The Kydex clips DO NOT attach onto the belt. A proper gun belt should be utilized OVER TOP of the clips, both to support the weight of the weapon and to help conceal the clips from the casual observer.
Source = http://www.miltsparks.com/VM-2.htm

Hope that helps.

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