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Let me start by saying that I am TOTALLY pleased with the results I achieved. (pics coming soon)

I got the $60 black stock, as I couldn't justify paying $100 for the same thing...only in camo.

When I first got this thing I took my M44 apart and tried to put it in the new stock.

No go.

I wasn't even ClOSE to fitting!!!!

There was WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much material for the barreled action to even sit in the stock.

Being that I wanted a floating barrel (aside from a LITTLE upward pressure at the very tip of the stock via a few layers of cork) this was unacceptable.

In the end, I had to remove enough material to float the barrel...AND make the receiver fit the stock.

It took a LOOOONG time since I did it with sandpaper, files, and chisels. (I don't own a Dremel)

Even after I achieved this fit, there wasn't enough room to allow the magazine interruptor to function and I couldn't load the rifle.

I had to remove even MORE material to allow it to function properly.

Lastly, due to how much I had to remove to allow the barreled action to fit, the magazine protruded too far into the action...and I had to shim it with a washer.

In the end, I am VERY happy with the results I achieved...and I love the stocks feel and obvious ruggedness.

At least in my case though, this WAS NOT a "drop in" kind of a project.

I HIGHLY recommend the stock for those willing to invest the time to properly fit it...but for NO OTHERS!!!
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