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I'm in the process of replaceing some parts on my Milspec as money allows. For Christmas, the wife let me take a stroll through the Brownells catalog... I'm going to replace the extractor with a Wilson combat bulletproof,slide stop will be replaced with a Brown tool steel one, fireing pin stop will also be replaced with a Brown tool steel stop. (I've already replaced the stock fireing pin, and spring with a replacement, and got a tighter replacement barrel bushing) I like the short trigger so it will stay, Down the road I'd like to replace the MSH (to get rid of the ILS thingy) and replace the sear, disconnect, hammer and saftey lever, last but not least would be the sights I figure this little project will take some time but, I'm in no hurry,I'll shoot the pistol as often as I can, and keep evaluating it's performace, I'm wanting a accurate reliable, plain-jane looking 1911, no light rails, nothing fancy, all business.. easy to carry, and will swap CCW duty with my Sig P-220 I feel the Milspec can easily do this. mine has a one piece stainless bbl and has proved quite accurate, the barrel bushing was a definite help,it has been very reliable, no malfunctions in over 500 rounds, (this from a used pistol bought for $375 OTD) The parts I'm going to put in it will only enhance it's reliablity, Get a Brownell catalog and take a look, there lots of parts for 1911's. that can improve it. but, it's not cheap...
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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