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My new Heinie Hi-Power

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Finally, I got to pick up the 9mm Hi-Power, which was customized by Richard Heinie. Bought from a member of another board. This gun has Heinie's personal defense package done on it. It was built by Richard for his display gun at the 1999 SHOT show.
The gun includes Heinie's logoed pistol pouch, an Alessi/Heinie DOJ holster, and documentation proving the authenticity of this Heinie gun.
Looks and feels great. Very clean work of course. And the trigger breaks very cleanly and crisply, at my estimate of about 4 lbs. Can't wait to shoot it soon.
Here is a picture...which does not do this gun justice, since my photography skills suck.

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Very cool...care to say how much $$$?...(I know that is a rude thing to ask...but I couldn't help it!)
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Hmmm, well, let's just say it's a fair price :b Especially considering that I didn't have to wait 7 years for it :b
Heinie's defense package is about $1050. Add to that a rough cost of a stock Hi-Power Mark III, and that's about how much I paid. Oh, I also got 5 hi cap mags too.
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