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my new loaded report

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just bought a parkerized FS at a gun show in phoenix a few weeks ago. i am new to 1911's and choose between the kimber and the springfield.i am quite happy with the springfield.it is a straight shooter, has no burrs or blemishes. evrything is tight.i have run around 500 rounds through it and with only one stove pipe. all with the factory mags that came with it. i have not tried wad cutters or hollow points yet. as a novice to 1911's the loaded was a good choice for a starter and one i am proud to shoot and have.
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I like em too.Especially when you can get good deals on slightly used ones.I bought a 5in blue Loaded for $475 just like new,Also have a parkerized Loaded Champion in the layaway for $525.The owner of the Champion sold it back to the dealer because he shot himself in the foot when he got home with it.Any way enjoy your Springfield and be safe.

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