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I just picked up a new 1991A1 NRM Commander at Gander Mountain and I just think it's the cat's pajamas! I haven't been keeping up on Colt's offerings and just figured out from reading the forum that the 1991 model had been nicely upgraded. Blued instead of parkerized, aluminum trigger instead of plastic, and the new roll mark is quite attractive, similar to the Series 70. The three -dot sights are decent and even the grips are keepers! About the only thing I'm going to do to it is get some hex head grip screws (heck, ya gotta do at least a token upgrade!). It weighs exactly the same as my Kimber Pro Carry HD II (35.7 oz). One puzzling thing was that it was in the case at Gander Mountain, right next to a 1991 NRM Government model. The Commander was marked $649 while the Government was marked $779. :scratch: Seemed like a nice price so I had to take it home!

The only problem with it so far is that the edges of the grip safety were sharp as hell and cut into my thumb so I did a little "dehorning" and now it feels okay. I guess I'll touch it up with a little cold blue where I filed it. I'm going to try to get to the range next week and see how she functions.
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