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My observation of this forum vs others....

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I have noticed a difference in the Les Baer forum vs the other ones I read. The other forums are all "I had this problem" or how to make it work or "fluff and buff" so it will work. I dont think I have seen a single post of that kind on this forum. And I have a Kimber 9mm 1911, a BP10 11 (13+1 45 hi cap) and a SW 1911PD, all of which work superbly and have out of the box for me. Those are quality manufactures (I thought?) and I would not expect much as much trouble from them as the forums would suggest. Apparantly others do not always have the same result as I have had with my guns.

I bought my Les Baer 3 days before going to the hospital for a knee replacement. Somehow never got to the range in those 3 days. So, in addition to the pain of surgical recovery, I have yet to fire the first round thru my new gun going on 10-12 days...and that hurts !!!

At least I dont have to worry that it will work given what I read

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Now that you mention it, my LB P-II is the only 1911 of the MANY I have owned, that has been 100% reliable right out of the box with ANY ammo I've shot through it.

When I first got it, I would've bet money it was too tight to even cycle a whole magazine of hardball through it. I would've lost that bet! It seems oblivious to bullet weight, shape, or materiel. It's wickedly accurate, really good looking, and above all, completely reliable. What more can one ask of a 1911?

Get well soon, and put some lead downrange with that new Baer!

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