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I've got an entire secondary gun collection of airguns. Several 1911s, a Thompson, an MP-40, an UZI, a Smith 29, a P365, a Python, a Beretta M9A1, a Winchester 94, and an AR-15. Most made by Umarex which offers some scary realistic BB replicas. The full-auto BB guns bring a smile to my face each time I shoot them, especially since the real ones are illegal where I live.

The best and most realistic 1911 replicas are made by KWC, like your John Wayne commemorative. There is a WW2 M1911A1, a Series 70 Colt, a Springfield Mil-Spec... all the the same pistol but with a different paint job and all take the same spare BB/CO2 magazines.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts