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My own 2 AM knock on the door experience

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Last spring about 2 AM I heard a knocking on
our front door. I pulled my Kimber Pro Carry out of the nightstand and went to the front hallway. I have 4 small dogs and they were raising hell so I had to enter the hallway to be able to speak to the visitor.
I saw his face through the doors small glass window & then flicked on the light. I said its 2am what the hell do you want? He said " I need a push"! I said screw you buddy get away from here.
We live on a country road where houses are about a half mile apart.
When I got back upstairs I told my wife what had happened & she told me I was being an a**hole because he might have had kids etc & I hadn't asked. Now I felt bad so I go downstairs and open the door I don't see anyone, but our porch light only lights up so much. I step outside and yell "hey buddy I'm sorry do you still need a push?" a voice from the dark says "yeah" I can't see him so I yell "where are you" he says
"over here on your swingset!"
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Have you hugged your 1911 today?
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