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My quest for good cheap mags continues. I found the Pachmayrs at CDNN for $8 a piece, but now they're out :( The MecGars CDNN sells at $8 piece are Bulk Packed units that are not up to usual MecGar quality, especially the springs. The Mitchell Arms Powermag copies are good mags, but I'm not a fan of the Shooting Star follower. I found a Wilson dealer at the Tulsa gunshow that was selling used/rebuilt Wilsons for $15 a piece. But I'm less than flattered by the plastic followers. And Metalform has now rearranged their quantity discounts so you have to order 40 to get them cheap instead of 10.

My latest order was from Midway were I got one OEM 7 round GI mag, one 7 round MecGar, one 8 round MecGar, and one 8 round MecGar with plastic base. I had been ordering 2 of everything, but now that I've spent nearly $150 on "cheap" mags I'm running out of money :D (and $20 of that is in shipping :mad: )

OEM mag: very good quality for $5; seems like a Metalform body (this is good); strong spring

7 MecGar: 1st quality MecGar for $11.55; high quality body, very strong spring

8 Mecgar: 1st quality Mecgar for $11.55; high quality body, Shooting Star type follower; weak spring

8 Mecgar, plastic base: 1st quality MecGar for $11.55; high quality body, strong spring (not as strong as the 7 rounder though)

So I'm pretty pleased with these. I'll be sending the 8 round with Shooting Star follower back in exchange for the 7 rounder as I don't care for the Shooting Star follower and I think the spring is a little too weak (as most flush fit 8 rounder springs seem to be). Unlike the CDNN bulk packed mags these are 1st quality MecGars with marking, pretty finish, good springs, and MecGar packaging. The feed lips are longer than the Pachmayr mags or some of the bulk pack mags (a stack I examined at a gunshow seemed to be 50/50 for short or long feed lips). They also drop free from my Kimber without the vice squeeze the bulk pack mags needed. Just another note, MecGar mag bodies measure .028" thick, the thickest I've ever measured. Wilsons are .027, Metalforms and Powermags are .026". The heat treat on the MecGars seems to be excellent as well, the lips don't bend nearly as easy as on my other mags.
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