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My results with the Ultra V10 SS

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Today I had the chance to shoot my 2001 SA Ultra Compact V10 Stainless .45 ACP.

I bought it as a carry replacement for my Ruger P89T. The Ruger would rate as one of the best low end (Cheap) handguns on the market in my opinion. I fired thousands of rounds through it with no problems, ever.

Well the time came to upgrade my carry gun. The idea of 16 rounds of 9mm Corbon was fine for awhile, but I started to yearn for the knock down power of the good ole .45 ACP again.

The Upside:
Out of the box, point and shoot was INCREDIBLE! I have never shot a .45 fresh from the box as accurate at 15 yards as this one. I tried several shots without aiming, just pure point and shoot and grouped 6 within a 1/2 inch my first try! for a box gun I was amazed. I am not the greatest shot in the world but I know my stuff, and a good gun just makes you look even better!

The Fit and finish are good to excellent, the slab sides of the slide are excellent, the edges of the takedown and safe5ty latches are nicely finsihed, but rough along the edges.

The ILS system is cute.. but probably won't be used. I can't see myself carrying this pistol as a "Carry gun" then fumbling for a key in the backside before being able to shoot a felon.. nice idea for a stored weapon, but useless in a daily carry.

Overall I am highly impressed, I would rate this gun up there with most of the other high end 1911's I have fired and played with, including Kimber.

the Downside. These are minor gripes, but I believe in being fair.

The pistol had a horrible time loading FMJ rounds at first, after about 50 rounds it began to feed a little better. the cartridge would slam the feed ramp just below the ramp proper, and hang the round up. This was annoying, but seems to have cleared up some after 200 Rounds.

I have had a small problem (Like 10 times out of 200) with the slide not going completely into battery, leaving about 1/8 inch of the cartridge exposed in the chamber. A slight tug on the slide to the rear would properly align the round, and it would fire normally. the problem was bad in the first 50 rounds, and happened like twice in the last 100 rounds. I still may get the feed ramp played with since I believe it is a feed issue, related to the previous feed issue I mentioned.

The front Novak low mount site is too dark. Shooting black sils, I could NOT see the front post, since it blended into the target. I rubbed some solvent on the ramp, and rubbed it down to a dull gray, and my accuracy improved tremendously! amazing how much better you shoot when you can SEE the front post! prolly going to swap them out for nite sites anyway.

The ventilated barrel is very tight in the slide and requires you to force it out, which in turn mars the finished part of the barrel that is visible through the slide! I noticed this on my first inspection, it shipped that way. Once the slide wears in, I may get a new barrel for it, if for no other reason that for looks.

Magazine wobbles up and down a lot in the mag well. I know tolerances on 1911's aren't that big of a deal, but this thing is TIGHT everywhere, except here, and it is a bit unnerving to move the gun and hear the magazine rattling inside. I will try some aftermarket mags.

all in all I give the gun an A in almost every way, and it is worth every penny of the $799 price I paid for it!
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Hi RobertWink,

I would definatly get some new mags. I have a fullsize loaded and with the factory mags fully loaded they drop down just enough to let the first round hang up on the feed ramp. This does not happen at all with my Wilson mags. The factory mags are great for range work though.


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I will try that immediately USN! That is EXACTLY what is plauging me. I fired another 200 through it today, and still have problems with first round feeding.

I have been using the 6+1 carry, but with the feeding issue, I am not comfortable that the add on round will seat properly, so I am carrying 6 straight up now, because at least I know the second round is in position properly. I do NOT liek the feeling of uncertainty this gives me. I pray it is a mag issue.

Recommendations on a good mag for the UC? I don't want one that hangs out the bottom.

Had trouble today getting a feel for the trigger. I know this is to be expected, but the serations on the front of the trigger would wear slightly on my trigger finger causing sensitivity. If my finger was in too far I pulled left, not in enough and it pulled right. So I may try and wear the trigger face down so it isn't as rough on the finger. That WAS annoying.

Had a buddy with me, and we fired his HK P7, HK USP 40 and Lady Smith 9, to my Ruger P89, Python and SA UC.. I whipped his ass, and procedded to taunt him as well

Anytime I get the chance to shoot is a good day
Thats the one thing I miss the most about the military.. shooting time!
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