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Ok so I purchased a Tisas Zig PC 1911 from a pawn shop in my town. Paid $400 flat for it. The issue I had upon purchase was I found that the magazines that had been included did not function due to a very gummy substance and a weak spring. I don't recall the brand of those magazines but I returned and exchanged them. Today as I was cleaning I noticed that one of my mags (ProMag 8rnd parkerized) was getting hung up in well. This got me curious. I am homeless and never really noticed how much force I needed to get said mag in the pistol. I surmised that said mag was just a hair too wide for this particular handgun. I then went on to test all my mags for the same issue. ALL seemed to have the same issue but not quite as bad. I filed down a few edges in the mag well and this seemed to fix the issue for all but the first mag. I currently have 2 Colt 7rnd, 1 Mec-Gar 8rnd, 1 Mec-Gar 10rnd, and 2 mystery 8rnd mags. My question is how do I figure out who manufactured these two mags. They have no markings other then .45 ACP & 1-8 next to the view port holes. Iam stumped.
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