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This is the first time I have ever said this but that pistol has everything a 1911 should have.. It's a very tastefully done execution of detail and the Pro's should take a lesson from a pistol of that quality.... The only thing it doesn't have that I have grown a taste for is an extended slide stop.... But thats personal preferance..... Attention to quality a job well done...

Just think about what it looked like when it was brand new and never ran a race :eek: I'm surprised anyone ever shot it.....
I wonder how many rounds have been fired out of that pistol, from the looks of the wear of the hardchrome from under the slide stop it has dropped a lot of mags but one thing is for sure...
You found yourself one sweet pistol ....

You've already shot it and haven't said anything about accuracy you should be ashamed :biglaugh:
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