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National or Regional IDPA shooters....

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For any of you who have attended last year's Nationals or any of the Carolina Cups or other regional shoots...

IDPA lost a good friend this week. Many of you know Billy "The Bear" Dodson. He passed away of heart failure on Tuesday. He had been in NY over the weekend with his R.E.A.C.T. helping search the rubble. After returning home, he fell ill and passed away.

A memorial and funeral information is on my homepage at http://www.dbl-tap.com .

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I am sorry to hear that "The Bear" has passed away. It was before his time.
I will remember him scooting around the Nat's in an ATV last year, providing support, and providing his fine wares at the Arizona IDPA in 2000.
My condolenses to The Bear's family. He will be missed by all the shooters.
I met The Bear at the Ohio IDPA Championship in 2000. He was a hell of a guy.
I just can't think of a better way to go than helping your fellow man. May God bless The Bear.

"I AM my brothers keeper"
The Bear was a character, that's for sure. He helped make IDPA what it is today. He will be missed. Heaven seems to be getting a lot of good people lately.


"And by the way, Mr. Speaker, The Second Amendment is not for killing ducks and leaving Huey and Dewey and Louie without an aunt and uncle. It is for hunting politicians like (in) Grozney and in 1776, when they take your independence away".
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i don't know him personally, but guys like him are what make IDPA and USPSA possible to us shooters, so WE can have fun.

not to be picky, but apparently it was his time. however it is always very sad to see that time come
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