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need a .45 major load using Titegroup

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Greeting all,
After using Bullseye and W231 for a long time, I bought a couple of lbs of Titegroup today. I do not own or have access to a chrony. I am using H&G #68 LSWC 200gr bullets. Approximately how many grains do I need to still make major?

Also, what are the burn characteristics of Titegroup compated to W231?

thanks in advance for any help/info/tips/advice,
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From the Hodgdon website:
200 gr Speer JHP/5.2 gr Titegroup/884 fps
230 gr Hornady FMJ/4.8 gr Titegroup/818 fps

Expect about +30 fps using similar weight cast lead bullets with these powder charges. Titegroup burns faster than WW231.

Bill Go

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Thanks for the info guys. I have a couple of good quality load manuals. I just don't have any data that is specific to H&G #68 bullets. Would either of you know a resource for this?

Sometimes I think I should just break down and buy a chrony. Then again, I wouldn't really use it enough. Thanks again for the info! gunny
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