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Need a Gunsmith's advice

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This has been discussed on the Colt forum a little, but I figured I would take it to the experts. Regarding the Gold Cup's with Eliason rear sight, is there a permanent fix to the "roll pin problem" on this sight? If so, could you please enlighten me? Thanks in advance.

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It can be pinned with the proper sized drill rod stock & staked in place.

I just repaired a GC rear and installed a new front on a series 70. The factory never learned how to stake in an old Cup's front sight with the .055 tenon. The rear sights are very poor and I always suggest replacing them with a Millet rear sight. They make a drop in that will stay and works nice. A simple way to save the one you have is a drop of GREEN Loc-Tite ( sleeve retainer) on each end of the pin. Every Cup that came thru here had marks from some idiot trying to stake a pin. They are very hard to hit. Some of them have a crooked hole that makes the sight tip . Lets hope your's doesn't
Mr Sample,
I will give the green loctite a try. I have not ever had a problem with an Elliason sight yet (how does that saying go "an ounce of prevention is worth...). I do know that it is a potential problem and seems to be the main concern of Gold Cup owners. I like the Elliason sight so I won't give up on it yet. Thanks again for the response.

Old Colt. You are not only a gentleman, but a lucky one to boot. I am delighted you like that rear sight and have done the front sight prayer to the Gods of the Guns for you. I have had too many come thru the shop for new sights to be a fan, but have no problem with you being one. Gold Cups are a nightmare for me internally, too, with the little spring and lever on the sear so I am not a fan. I also hate the huge, heavy steel trigger bouncing around in there. Good luck to you, Old Colt!
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