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Hello all. I have a Kimber Platinum .22lr conversion for my Classic Custom.

The unit works fine, but with the rear sight all the way down, the POI is about 3" or so above the POA.

I contacted Kimber and they state that the front sight on the conversion is the tallest one that they offer. In defense of Kimber, they offered to exchange my unit for another if I'd ship it, but this one works just fine and I don't really care to take a chance on getting one that might not hit any closer to point of aim or not be as reliable as mine is.

Does anyone know of a company or 'smith offering an overly high front sight that will fit the Kimber?

Thanks to all in advance.

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There are Blanks available from Brownell's, or Novak's, etc... You could probably get a Smith to do something up custom...

Have you considered shaving the top of the rear blade, may need to also open the notch up a bit, to get a good peek at the post, but if yo can lower the top edge of the rear blade, you might get the alignment you need. You can use some Sight Black to dress up the sight afterwards...

Good Luck!
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