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Need a recoil Spring Reverse Plug for -BUSHING-gun!

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I need a reverse plug that will capture the bushing on a 5" gun.

I also need it to work with the 1/2 moon cut reverse plug that my gun is already cut for, not the Caspian/STI/SVI round plug.

Any suggestions? I know someone used to make this part!
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...The part you are looking for can be gotten from George Smith at EGW...
...Anthony, if George doesn't have it in stock Chuck Rogers can make one up for you...
Georges (EGW) plug is for the Caspian/SVI/STI style "round" cutout, while my gun was set up for the "1/2 moon" cut out, where a bit of the spring tunnel is shortened.

Any help?

This most of the time a custom affair..the shoulder typer recoil plug was built for comp guns not using a bushing..the last couple I had converting old comp guns to 5" guns needed have them custom machined...I have never seen one offered..

I am sure George could machine one given he has time..give him a call..I bet Chuck Rogers can do it too from seeing his work here on the forum..

good luck
I say we flip for it
Looser has to make the stupid plug

Email me the photo of the flip.

geo ><>
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Clark made these for years. I just gave DonW one with no hole cut for a Caspian slide. You can get to do or Jim Clarks outfit.I'm sure Don would love to part with it and drill the hole size you need in it.
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