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Need advice on dealer selling Colt in GA

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Hello fellow 1911's,

Please read my post on the Kimber forum (link supplied below) and see if you can help me warn other prospective buyers about a potentially negligent dealer.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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You accepted the pistol as is. It's really too late to do anything about it now, Bernie isn't under any real obligation to send you your mag and spring. I've had problems with Bernie in the past; he has a great selection, but his prices are steep and my experience with him has shown he can't be trusted.

Rule of thumb when ordering a gun mail order: NEVER have your FFL transfer to you unless it meets your expectations, and always pay with a credit card, or a service like paypal. If it isn't as advertised, have your FFL ship it back. That way you never owned it, and you can dispute the charge.

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Thanks for your response. Your advice is sound and definitely the BUSINESS way to doing things like this.

My position was that the pistol is what I wanted even without the second mag and spring. I then went to plan B - relying on the honor of the owner and Maria both of whom I had a lengthy phone conversation before I bought the pistol.

I still want to believe that they are good people but was totally off-the-mark in this case. Whomever noticed the extra mag and spring left in the case (Maria said she noticed it) should have picked them both up and sent it ASAP without waiting for me to call back and inquire. You know... treat people how you would like to be treated if you were in the same situation.

I will give them one more phone call and then I guess I'm SOL like you said... I accepted the pistol even though it did not come with what they advertised and not what they confirmed to me on the phone when I paid for it using credit card.

If this is how Bernie's do business, then word should get out so other's won't be facing the same problem.

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Well, all is forgiven, I received the second Colt factory mag and extra recoil spring in the mail from Maria at Bernie's Sports Center in GA. It took a while but I finally got what I paid for. I am very appreciative of that. Just wanted everyone to know that Bernie's did come through and honored their part of the deal.

Good Deal, I'm glad they came thur for you.
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