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Need advice on trigger work

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I'm at the point in my commander project that I need to do the trigger job. I have an Ed Brown sear jig, and Caspian Sear, Hammer, and Disconnector.

I'm getting some mixed signals on how high to cut the hammer hooks. Most of what I've researched on this board seems to say .020" is the proper height. Some of what the Kuhnhausen books say seems to support this, but there is also a section where he states that for combat/defensive pistols it should be left at .025". The hooks on the hammer are .025" now.

What do you think? I plan to use this mainly as a shooter, but if we ever get CCW here I'd like to carry it as well. What do you all think? Either way, I plan to leave the angle at the factory sub 90degree angle, if that makes a difference in your opinion.

Please know that I fully understand and respect that I am not a trained gunsmith. This project is for me to learn, and I do know what the proper safety checks are, and that I will need to very rigarously test this pistol to make sure it is safe to use. I am learning, and it is fun, but I have not lost sight of the fact that this part of the job is serious business.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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