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need advice

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I have a Colt 1911 circa 1914...Ilove it, awsome piece of history...will not feed 230 grain lead ball...noses the bullets right into the ramp...has been "throated" & polished...chamber widen a little...feeds full metal jacket fine...but I use it for wild bunch shoot so must shoot lead...have tried different mags...barrel is not original...have put in heavier recoil spring ...don't know what else to try
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My initial guess is that the replacement barrel may not have been fitted properly to the frame - specifically where the barrel chamber matches to the frame's feed ramp. There should definitely be a space between the two, but there may be too much of a step there. The harder FMJ slides right over the step, but the soft lead gets hung up on the step.


Your feed ramp may need a polish. Is it rough or gouged? Again, the harder FMJ can feed, but the soft lead may not.


What lead ammo are you shooting? Reloads? Perhaps the OAL is too long?

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I was shooting 3D remanufactured ammo...230 grain round ball. The ammo works well in my 1991A1, so I don't think it is the ammo. You may be right about the barrel, though. I was beginning to give thought to replacing it. The feed ramp has been polished, just recently...trying to eliminate this problem. The gun really wasn't cycling anything when I got it but now it will cycle fmj and even jacketed hollowpoints but not the lead ball. I don't know...I will continue to try. But thanks for the reply.
Try a standard recoil spring. The 1911 feed cycle is more about timing than about force.
Lead ball should feed. Who did the ramp? they are easy to ruin. Also, did you throat the barrel? It sounds like you need a standard recoil spring( 16 1/2 lbs) It also could be magazines which cause more feeding problems than anything. You need about a 1/32nd of an inch gap between the barrel entry and the feed ramp.
Thanks to all for the help. I put the original (the one that came w/the gun) recoil spring back in the gun and cycled a couple of rounds through. It does seem to chamber the rounds now. Just need to get out to the range and test fire soon. I better get there fast...am having withdrawl symptoms...it has been five days since I shot my gun!
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