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Need gunsmiths advice

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Just received a Colt/Sistema from CDNN. Appears to be in very good condition. The problem is: When I lock the slide to the rear and then return it to the forward position, about half the time the trigger will not engage on the first attempt and drop the hammer. There was a fair amount of cosmeline on the pistol that I removed, but did not take it completely apart to clean it. Could it be gunked up internally?
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Yep. A good detail strip is in order here. There's nothing tough or scary about stripping a 1911 down, easy as pie and can't be reassembled wrong. I think DSK has a section on his website on stripping but you can figure it out on your own. Just be sure to function check all of the safety systems after reassembly. Wipe all parts down (after they're clean) with BreakFree or RemOil.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Be sure to unload the gun and remove all ammo from the room.

Some products are better than others when it comes to cosmoline removal but I won't make any recommendations here because the one I use is very flammable. Hoppe's #9 and elbow grease should do the trick. Put some Led Zeppelin in the CD player and get crackin'.


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Real hot water and Simple Green will take out the cosmoline too.

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I got two M1927s about a month ago and one of them has this same problem. I took it apart and it just seems to be tolerance stacking between the sear/disconnector/searpin hole and trigger bar. I'm not worried about it as I'm going to replace the sear and disconnector anyway.

First thing I noticed is that the trigger has ZERO takeup. Is yours the same way?

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Took Sistema to the range today and made it through 25 rounds, problem got worse! Took it to the gunsmith and he says it has a worn out disconnector and spring. Can't wait to get it back now, it's a real beauty especially with the Chip Mccormick grips!! Thanks for advice and I'll post a follow up when I get it back.

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