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I see this is your first post, welcome to the forum.

The serial number would indicate production after 1978, but the list I use only goes that far. http://www.proofhouse.com/colt/index.html

The BS in the serial number indicates blue steel. I'm not sure if the factory offered two tone, but the grips and grip safety look custom. Someone may have (probably has) had the frame refinished. One nice thing about the combat commander is that they have a steel frame (longevity) that is the same size as the full size 1911's. You can use the same size magazines, grips, triggers and internal parts as a full size 1911. The only difference is the barrel is 4.25" rather than 5" thus a shorter slide, different recoil spring and different hammer main spring. Parts are readily available.

The one I own shoots very nice. I'd be tempted to keep yours regardless of the value for memory sake alone. It might not be the gun gramps humped across Europe in 1943, but you can pass it along to your kids some day.

Many times custom things will detract from the value, unless done by a recognized shop, so if gramps doesn't have paperwork I'd guess you have more sentimental than financial value in your hands.

I don't know enough to give a value, but gunsamerica.com usually has several for sale.
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