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Need help identifying value of 1911 (non-A1)

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Hey there, I'm posting in an effort to help a friend identify the year of manufacture and value of a Remington Rand 1911 that he acquired many years ago from a family member.

I have examined the pistol in question and it is marked Remington Rand and is a 1911 (non-A1) and looks to be of WWI (likely 1918) manufacture. The particulars are as follows:

1. Finish - perhaps a worn Park or Bluing of some type looks original has a nice patina and no rust evident except for slight amounts on the grip screws.

2. S/N 201XX.

3. Barrel Stamped with "H"

4. Frame Stamped with "EEC" -- Which we already know from The Sight M1911 - to mean: “E.E.C.” is the mark of Edward E. Chapman who inspected 1911s at Remington in 1918 and 1919." www.sightm1911.com/lib/history/who_made_it.htm

5. Trigger Guard Stamped "115"

Any info you guys can provide is greatly appreciated.