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Need help quick - value of Colt Magnum Carry NIB

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Went to the local gun show and found a NIB Colt Magnum Carry (357 SS) with the correct box never fired. The guy wanted $850 firm. Sounded really high to me but then I see a couple listed on gunaction.com for $1600-1800!!!!

I can go back on Sunday and pick it up if it is really a good deal.

Deal or Rip off?
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$850 is way to high, but people are trying to cash in on the fact that it's an out of production Colt and it was made for only a couple of years so there is a low number of them on the market. It shouldn't be priced no more than $500, but I have seen them for $600 NIB. You can shop around and probably find one for a decent price, but be prepared to buy it on the spot. They don't stay on the market for very long.

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I would never advise anyone not to buy what they want . If you can afford it and really want it , buy it . :)

However , I agree with Majic , it's a $500 gun .
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